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KIN offers a wide range of services to Artists, from initial assessment and consultation, professional development planning, personal branding, marketing, advertising, and career guidance, including portfolio critiques, biography creation, cover letters, personal statements and other documents related to career development in the creative industries with a focus in visual art, fashion, film, music and writing.

Assessment & Consultation:
Using our expertise in professional development in business and fine arts, KIN conducts assessment of how Artists can be best marketed and promoted by focusing on the talent, goals, skills, and portfolio to craft a strategy to achieve the goals set.

Professional Development Plan & Career Guidance:
Members will receive a personalized plan tailored to their needs and expectations, designed to support their artistic vision. KIN understands that careers in the creative industries are a continuous process of development, not a singular event, and through perseverance achieve success.

Personal Branding:
Each Artists unique abilities, attributes, values, and characteristics are what set them apart. KIN's expertise in designing personal branding plans will promote Member's talents globally, bringing them name recognition and prosperity while developing their vision.

Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations:
To achieve an identity in the arts and other creative industries, KIN implements its marketing and communication tools to design a personalized short and long term strategic plan in order to promote Artist's talents, skills, and portfolio, matching it to specific industry insiders to the Artist's profile by applying innovative research methods and resources.

Rates are fully explained and disclosed at the initial assessment and consultation based on the services required. KIN prides itself for its flexible and understanding rate structure, designed to service and promote artists based on the quality of their art. Contract agreements are completely confidential and binding under the laws of the State of California, United States of America.