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Who is Raving


Samir Chala‘s attention to detail and superb taste always lend to amazingly comprehensive exhibitions. As an artist I have the utmost respect for his tireless dedication to the promoting of his artists, myself included. This same dedication resonates through the causes in which much of his shows support. It is an absolute pleasure and honor to work with Samir. He is a true champion of the fine art community and my personal career as an artist."

- Brittni Cute 2009

"In 2009 I first began to work with the KIN Agency and Gallery Without Borders, and I can honestly say that it has changed the course of my career as an artist. Going from being my only representation, hustling to get into shows and prepare my own artwork in addition to creating it was a struggle and burden. But working with amazing people like Samir Chala has truly been a blessing. I can see the passion he has for his work, and as a result my work, and the amount of care and effort he goes out of his way to represent my work in the best way possible. It's really amazing to work with people who actually believe in your work as well as what they do. It has been an amazing experience and I find it hard to imagine where my career as an artist would be if we had not cross paths years ago."

- Jerrell Conner


"Working with KIN is very exciting. KIN brings us together with exciting projects, involving both traditional and new media. Our organization is understood and our requirements respected whilst at all times there is an efficient business-like relationship at it's core. We hope to work with KIN in the years ahead and grow and learn alongside it"

Steven Gurevitz
CEO & Founder
2002 Studios, London